Mission and Vision

With the development of economy in India, more and more artisans are giving up their centuries-old craft to become laborers in the big cities. Talented hands are abandoning what they know and love. Thousands of years of Indian traditions are about to vanish. Our products were born from a passion to preserve these traditional crafts, to give artisans the respect they deserve, and the means to provide for their families.

During the production process we strive to use practices that treat workers fairly and provide equal wages to men and women for similar work. We also strive to procure raw material from sources that are less cruel to animals. We made a conscious decision to not have any products using Angora wool, which is made using rabbit hair. In addition, during the production we use processes that are sustainable and have low impact on the environment.

Our mission is to be personally invested in sustaining India’s culture and preserving environment for the coming generations.