About Us

With the development of economy in India, more and more artisans are giving up their centuries-old craft to become laborers in the big cities. Talented hands are abandoning what they know and love. Thousands of years of traditions are about to vanish.

“Sandhi” is an initiative of two friends Charles and Kamal from France and India respectively, to preserve these traditional crafts, to give artisans the respect they deserve, and the means to provide for their families.

Taking inspiration from the Sanskrit word “Sandhi”, which means union, alliance or harmony, at Sandhi we strive to create beautiful handcrafted products through an alliance of traditional craft and modern designs. Most of our products are handmade, and created by the craftspeople from India. The products have been carefully designed to combine the uniquely traditional craft with contemporary designs.

Through our initiative, we want to be personally invested in sustaining beautiful Indian craft for the coming generations.