Upcycled Vintage Cotton Blankets

Even before reduce, reuse and recycle became the environmental watchwords, Indian women had a tradition of using recycled textiles. For centuries, Indian women would collect the left over fabric & saris and carefully stitch them together into beautiful, functional items, which were used as blankets or bed covers. This traditional technique of stitching using running threads is known as Kantha.

This was usually a social activity where a group of women would get together in their spare time, and work on different parts of the item. Since each women had different style of stitching, you can observe unique character at different parts on a single blanket.

The blankets were almost always made for use at home and not for sale. Therefore, the women would spend a long time, usually taking upto few months to finish one Kantha item. The amount of work spend on making these can also be seen from the extremely fine and dense stitching that is impossible to find in any contemporary Kantha.

We have been lucky to find a treasure of these traditional Kantha items from India. These have been refurbished and fixed for any weak areas or loose ends.

Each piece is unique and is one of a kind item.